Does your land have a large slope or a significant height difference somewhere on your property? If you would rather walk down stable stairs instead of a slippery decline let us install a retaining wall for you. With retaining walls we can give you more level, usable land. We can terrace your property so that you have more space for lower beds, grass or maybe a patio. We can build retaining walls from wooden landscape ties, allan block concrete stones, or a natural rock such as granite. Your retaining wall could be as small as a foot high or as large as you can imagine.

All walls over 4 feet in height must be built in compliance with municipal engineers, which can be costly, so whenever possible we can design your walls to remain under this 4 foot height restriction to help you save money. We build all walls to industry specifications that include adequate drainage behind the wall which will prevent it from being pushed out by the forces of nature.

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